Which type of roof is best for your extension?

If you are looking to expand the living space in your home, then you will already be considering how you to put your extension to good use. What you may not have considered is the type of roofing to opt for on this new area of your property. The two main choices you have will be a pitched roof and a flat roof, with the main aspects to consider being practicality and appearance. Depending on the type of property you have, you may be leaning towards one or the other, but allow us to go through the benefits with you to help clarify your decision. (more…)

Guttering and why it is important for your home

Guttering can be seen across many rooflines on homes throughout the UK, but why? The facts is, guttering is actually essential and it serves purposes that we may not even be aware of. So, lets delve into the world of guttering and explore the benefits it has for your home. Who knows, it may even prompt you to give yours some (possibly much-needed) TLC! (more…)

What factors can alter the lifespan of your roof?

As we know, the roof above our properties, garages or outhouses are extremely important in providing shelter and security to the building beneath it. However, like many things, there are factors – including some that can be out of our control – which have the ability to affect its health. Because of this, it can be difficult to judge the age or lifespan of particular roofing in different locations, but by acknowledging the various factors, you may be able to protect yours. (more…)

What is the age of your roof? [A guide]

Each month, we spend our time sharing handy tips and tricks to help you maintain your roofing, preventing unwanted damage and costly repairs from occurring, but one factor which could limit the effect of the efforts you go to is the age of your roofing itself. Whilst we spend so much time implementing actions that could prolong its lifespan, these efforts may go unnoticed if yours is reaching its final years – but how can you calculate its age? (more…)

4 ways to avoid unwanted roofing damage

Taking care of your roof is a factor of home maintenance which should remain imperative to protect the condition of your property as well as the health of your family. It goes without saying that irregular roofing checks and natural weathering combined could result in an unknown and unwanted problem occurring over your property, but many homeowners remain unaware that there are three simple but very effective steps that can be carried out to prevent this. Allow us to introduce you to them.

The seasonal risks for your roof: Spring

As evenings become lighter and the return of normality draws closer, your roofing may be the last thing on your mind. However, after the winter months we have experienced, with heavy winds, long-lasting snow and ice, combined with the rainfall of early spring we are to endure, it is crucial that you inspect and monitor the condition of yours to prevent the occurrence of any arising damaging factors.


Should lead roofing be replaced?

Lead roofing remains top of the pick for large statement or long-standing historical buildings throughout the UK but, as with all other roofing types, uncontrollable elements may disrupt the durability of the lead over time. Does lead roofing require repair or replacement services to keep its working performance at its optimum, and if so, how often? (more…)


How often should soffits and fascia’s be replaced?

The roof of your property, shed or garage are open to the elements all year round, so it is important to keep yours in good condition, ensuring that no problems unravel further down the line. As well as your roofing tiles and guttering, this also includes your fascia’s and soffits. Although they are built for purpose and produced in a way which allows them to withstand weathering, like all other things, they will need a bit of care over time. This care often comes in the form of a replacement, but how can you tell that their time is up, and how regularly should this action take place? (more…)


The seasonal risks for your roof: Winter

2020 has been a crazy year, one full of endless surprises and challenges for everyone, so we thought now may be a good time to inform you (with some level of notice) of the damage that winter weather can cause to your roof. With no desire for further unforeseen surprises coming your way, here are the main dangers to keep watch of throughout the end of 2020 and early 2021. (more…)

Simple ways to maintain your roof and guttering

The roof over your home plays a vital role in keeping you safe, warm and dry, so it is only right to ensure that you look after it in return. There’s an array of simple yet effective ways in which you can maintain your roofing and whilst you’re there, it would make sense to do the same with your guttering too. Not surprisingly, this is an element which is often forgotten in roofing maintenance. Without the correct level of observation and care, you could find your home experiencing issues which are primarily preventable. Allow us to walk you through a few steps which you should carry out this winter. (more…)

The seasonal risks for your roof: Autumn

With autumn creeping up on us, the change of nature’s colouring and the vibrant atmosphere can be enough to distract us from setting aside some time for those vital checks on our homes, especially our roofs or gutters. To best ensure that you are aware of the health of yours, we have set out a few small and simple tasks to take a note of. (more…)

Why you should keep check on your chimney stack

Much like the roofs of our house, our chimney stacks are exposed to all of the elements up there above our homes. From battling winds and flying debris, to rain and heat exposure, they remain standing through it all. Or… so they should do! It is important to keep check of your chimney stack regularly to ensure that it can remain standing. We have created a guide of the top three things to look out for surrounding your chimney, allowing yours to remain in the greatest condition for years to come. (more…)

How to know if your roof is suffering from sun damage

Your roof is a part of your home that provides protection, day and night, to you, your family and your belongings. It is important to check regularly that it is still of good quality and will perform it’s best against the elements. We have already learnt that wind and rain can potentially damage your roof, but are you aware that it could also suffer from sun damage? With only a few tell-tale warning signs, it is important to know what to look out for. (more…)

Water damage roof

To repair or replace?

Being out of sight, roofs often become out of mind. We are not always certain of the age and life span of our roof or who may have fitted it, but the truth is that these are the factors which could cause faults for us over time. When damage does occur, there is always confusion over opting for repair work, or choosing to have a full replacement. Today, we will guide you through four highly common faults that appear within roofing and what is required to fix them. (more…)

Clean roof

Why you should keep your roof clean

When it comes to your roof, cleaning it isn’t always at the front of your mind. However, by giving it a general once-over each year, you will either be able to rest assured that there are no problems occurring up there or jump onto ones that are – of course alerting a professional if needed. Your homes kerb appeal could also skyrocket with that much-wanted algae free roof. Here are some reasons as to why keeping your roof clean is important for your home in the long run. (more…)

How to protect your gutters from leaves

If you don’t want your gutters to leak, you need to protect them from leaves. Leaves have an uncanny knack of finding their way onto your roof, where they happily lodge in your gutters. Before you know it, your gutters are blocked, putting your home at serious risk of drainage problems and water damage.


What makes a good flat roof?

Flat roofs have been making a comeback in recent years, thanks to design innovations that offer extended life-spans, ease of maintenance and resistance to the often unpredictable British weather. In the past, flat roofs were often regarded as poor alternatives to traditional sloping roofs. These days, flat roofs are back in style and are a favourite of leading designers and architects.


Roof tiles

How long will my roof tiles last?

How long will your roof tiles last? It’s an important question. If you are buying a new home, a new–old home, or building one yourself, the roof is one of the key things to check and know the condition of. You may be replacing part or all of your existing roof and the decisions you make on materials can be important in determining what its life expectancy will be. This month we delve into roofing materials to help you decide what is best for you and your home. (more…)

Lead Roof Flashing

What is roof flashing?

Have you heard the term ‘roof flashing’ and not been sure what it means exactly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Unless you have had a problem with it you may not have come across it and you’re certainly not alone in that – it’s a question that we hear from time to time from clients. To help, we have put together a comprehensive guide on what it is and why you need it. (more…)

How to felt a shed roof

With all the rain that we have had recently, you may have noticed that the felt on your shed roof is showing signs of wear and tear. It may look a little tired or you may have spotted cracks, tears or holes in it. Worse, you may have found that your shed is leaking if the damage has gone through to the roof structure itself. For those DIYers amongst you we have put together a quick guide on how to re-felt your shed roof and protect it from the elements. With the sun now beating down on it, you want to avoid any further degradation and be ready for the winter when it comes back around. (more…)

How to detect flat roof leaks

Finding the source of a leak on a flat roof can be a frustrating job. Approach it methodically, though, and it need not be too difficult or frustrating. It’s always trickier to find the source of a leak on a flat roof than on a pitched one because water can flow in any direction on a surface that has no incline. As with any water leak, you want to find it early on before it turns into a much bigger one that can lead to more serious problems inside your property. We take a look at how to go about finding that leak this month. (more…)


Fascia and Soffit: what are they and why do I need them?

Fascia and Soffit. Two parts of the roof build up that many may have never heard of, but both can play an important part in reducing your roof / home maintenance. Also known as eaves or rafters, essentially they are the underside below your roof overhang. Your Fascia and Soffit are located at the base of your roof overhang, normally forming the front and underside of what looks like a box. The Soffit is the underside and the Fascia is the front section, both providing that seal between your walls and roof. Why are they so important? We explore the reasons why in this month’s article. (more…)

Porch roofs: what are the options and what needs to be considered?

When you think about roofs, one for your porch may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But bear with us, there’s logic to this… Whether it is a front or back porch, an entryway porch or a comfortable semi-outdoor space for you and your family, a porch can be both an aesthetic part of your home as well as a functional space. Installing a porch cover could mean that you make so much more use of it than you otherwise would. (more…)


Can a roofing company fix my chimney?

If you have a fireplace, and therefore a chimney, in your home there will come a time when some small repairs may be necessary. If you have recently bought an older property or would like to bring in an old fireplace into use again, it may be that the chimney needs a little restoration work to get things working properly again. A question that we are regularly asked is whether as a roofing company we do restorations. The simple answer is yes! (more…)

I have pests in my roof – what do I do?

Ever hear that unsettling sound of something moving around in the attic above you? It could be nothing, but then again it is possible that animals have managed to squeeze in and either become trapped or built their home in your warm roof or attic space, particularly if it’s cold and wet outside. (more…)

Snow on a flat roof – what you need to do

With winter well underway, the inevitable conversations about whether it would be a white Christmas started a while ago. We all tend to enjoy that first flurry, but irritation creeps in for some of us as train journeys are delayed, pipes freeze, and driving conditions become a little treacherous. (more…)


Guttering: why it is crucial for your home

Most of us don’t think about the gutters in our homes unless there is a problem. Which is usually while it’s pouring with rain outside! By the time the rain storm is over, we have often forgotten about them again. It’s easy to forget, or not appreciate, just how important guttering is for our homes though until that problem grows and ends up costing us a lot of money to put right. Before the winter season truly sets in, we take a look at how guttering keeps our home safe and what quick maintenance checks we can do regularly to keep on top of any problems before they escalate. (more…)


Can the hot weather damage my roof?

Enjoying the sunshine and warm weather – or should that be heatwave – this year? If you’re anything like us, you’ve loved it for a while but now you are happy that it has cooled down a little. Your roof may be feeling the effects of the hot summer too and could be hoping for a little relief. Which is why we thought we would put together a short guide on how the summer sun can affect it and what you can do to manage that this month. Read on for all the details… (more…)


Lead vs artificial flashing

Roof flashings are not something most people think about unless there is a problem and they need to be replaced. While it may not be at the forefront of your mind, flashings are a critical element of any roof. Roof flashings are designed to create a seal between your roof coverings – such as slates, tiles or flat roof materials – and the roof penetrations and abutments, i.e. chimney stacks, parapet walls and property walls. Properly installed roof flashings are designed to protect your home by providing cover, and channelling water away from potential leaky areas. While lead has been used for many years, new alternatives are now available on the market so our focus in this month’s article is on the pros and cons of both lead and synthetic alternatives to help you make an informed decision when the time comes to have your flashing repaired or replaced. (more…)


Is my flat roof covered by my home insurance?

With lots of home extensions over the years and many more homeowners considering them as an alternative to buying a new property and moving home, flat roofs are being seen more and more in homes around the country. This often leads to the question from many of our clients around whether or not a new flat roof will be covered by their insurance, as there is some conflicting advice out there. To help put things into context and dispel some of those myths, this month’s article focuses on insuring a flat roof. (more…)


My roof is leaking, what do I do?

With winter over it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the summer. With the hottest bank holiday on record, you may have already started the summer season and forgotten all about your roof – after all, it was fine over the winter so there’s nothing to worry about. But the abrupt changes between hot and cold temperatures can play havoc with your roof joints, or the age of your roof may mean it is starting to show signs of wear and tear. We have had a lot of rain as well and let’s be honest, the UK summer does typically mean rain at times. This month we focus on those little new leaks that you may find and how to deal with them immediately to avoid them getting any worse. (more…)


When should you replace your roof?

It is a question we get every so often, and typically when there is a problem. It usually comes with a grimace as homeowners realise they have to fork out lots of money to fix something that if caught earlier could have been easier and cheaper to fix or they could have been more prepared. So this month we decided to take a look at the top things to look out for when it comes to roof problems so that you are not caught unaware. What are the warning signs that tell you your roof may need to be replaced? (more…)


Checking your roof after the snow fall

The ‘Beast from the East’ made its presence felt for quite a few days last month, one of the worst cold spells in the UK for a number of years. It led to widespread transport problems and resulted in the closure of most schools around the country. It also had most of us out playing in the snow. But for some it may have led to roof problems which may not manifest themselves for a while to come and which could result in costly repairs. This month we take a quick look at how to avoid them and what you can do to prevent them now and in the future. (more…)

Slate or tile roofs

Slate or tile roofs?

When installing a new roof you are will be faced with a choice: slate or tile? The main difference between the two materials is that slate is a natural stone which is mined, while tiles are manufactured and therefore man-made. However you can also get a fibre cement slate, otherwise known as a man-made slate, which is an alternative to a natural slate. This month we take a look at the differences between these two materials and offer some thoughts on the most suitable applications for each to help you make a decision for your own home. (more…)

Can you install solar panels on your roof?

Can you install solar panels on your roof?

With the increasing cost of electricity and the falling cost of solar panels, more and more people are considering installing them. The payback period has dropped significantly and there are still significant savings to be made in the medium to long term on electricity bills. There are a few fundamental things that you need to consider about your roof though before determining whether or not you can install solar panels, including: (more…)

Flat vs pitched roofs – what to choose?

Flat vs pitched roofs – what to choose?

When building or renovating, whether it’s your home, a garage, or an extension, you will have to make a decision fairly early on about what type of roof you want to include in your design. There are two main types of roofs: flat roofs and pitched roofs. Both have benefits and disadvantages and to help you decide we have put together an easy-to-use guide on what those are:

Look after your chimney to stay warm this winter

Look after your chimney to stay warm this winter

It’s getting to that time of the year when you are thinking of getting the fire going for a cosy evening indoors. You have checked and cleaned the grate and flue, bought the wood and kindling, and are ready to throw those logs on and get a roaring fire started. But have you inspected your chimney from the outside as well? Before you light that fire there are a couple more things to think about and check so that your fireplace and home are safe throughout the winter.


How to pest-proof your home

While it is great to see wildlife in your garden and in local parks, when animals find their way into your home and make it their home too it can be a different story altogether. Many animals will seek out a warm home in which to build their nests, but this can cause significant damage to your house in a number of ways. (more…)

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