Dealing with unwanted pests in your roof

If you are hearing noises coming from your roof or you have noticed that some type of pest has made itself at home, you may be concerned that they could be causing damage. Even worse, you could be at risk of pest infestation. In which case, there are some steps you can take to deal with the problem before it becomes more severe. Whether its mice and rats or bees and wasps, you will have to adopt a different approach depending on the type of pest to remove them from your roof before the problem becomes more serious.

Rats and mice in your roof

These rodents can enter your home through gnawing holes into your roof, and mice are known for squeezing through particularly small holes, so you shouldn’t be surprised if one finds an entry point into your roof. As the most common variety in the UK, Norway rats can breed quickly so you shouldn’t allow them to get settled into your roof. If you think you may have a roof rat infestation, you should be cautious when trying to remove them yourself.

Avoiding a rat or mouse infestation in your roof

To prevent rodents from making themselves at home in your roof, you should regularly check for and seal entry holes that any of these pests could use. You should also avoid leaving food around that could attract them, such as pet food or fruit, so keep your food waste secured overnight. If you are already suffering from a rodent infestation, it can be difficult to deal with the issue. If threatened, rats can sometimes attack, and you could end up with a nasty rat bite. As rats are known for spreading diseases, it is best to avoid dealing with this and you should call a pest control service.

Bees and wasps in your roof

This type of nest can start off small, then grow into something much larger and more problematic over time. This is why you should aim to treat them as early as possible in the year, before the nest becomes larger and because wasps become aggressive in the late summer months. Disturbing a nest can cause bees or wasps to defend themselves, so this is a job for a professional removal service.

Avoiding a bee or wasp infestation in your roof

To prevent them from nesting in your roof, you should check your roof regularly and block any gaps in your roof so that they cannot enter your home easily. Keeping any bins secured is also important as this will prevent wasps from having a regular food source they can depend on.

Other pests in your roof

Although you may be less concerned by squirrels than rats, they can still be equally damaging to your home. They can chew their way through roof shingles and flashing, exposing your property to the elements and causing leaks. Birds can also decide to build nests in your roof, blocking gutters and causing water damage. Deterrents such as devices that emit a high-pitched sound or items with strong smells can keep these pests at bay.

If you have discovered damage to your roof that could give pests an entry point or you have recently got rid of roof rats or other pests and require repairs, our team at Roof Rescue can help. Our roof repairs and maintenance service can leave your roof looking as good as new. We replace any damaged tiles and secure your roof against the elements once again. Give us a call on 020 3189 1618 or email and we would be happy to offer our assistance.

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