Five reasons to repair your gutter this summer.

Gutters are an essential part of your home. It seems that guttering only seems to go noticed when a problem arises, but for the remainder, it remains largely unnoticed. By being unnoticed, it often means they are likely to be doing their job well, or the warm summer months are leaving no reason for concern.

Guttering and downspouts essentially collect and remove rainwater that runs off the roof. Without guttering, or with a poorly maintained gutter, the water would run down the side of your house, seeping into any spaces and creating damp stains on the walls. As well creating damp in your home, the water would seep into the soil and find its way to the foundations of your home which could cause major problems for your whole house.

Summer is a great time to inspect and maintain your guttering, so if you’ve been ignoring your home drainage system for too long, here are five great reasons why you should conduct a gutter check this summer.

Five reasons for a summer gutter check

  1. Maintain the value of your home

If you have a gap or damaged gutter, it can not only detract from the look of your house, but in the winter months, it could cause flooding damage to your driveway and lawn which could be a costly repair and detract from the value of your home. Summer is a great time to get this sorted. In summer it is easier to fix problems with a sodden lawn and driveway before the influx of more rainfall in the winter.

  1. Reveal the beauty of your home

While guttering may go unnoticed to you, when you inspect it properly, is it really in keeping with your home? Patchy repairs can show a sign of an unprofessional job and damaged guttering can not only cause problems but look unattractive too. What’s more, is that stains collect where the guttering is not working effectively meaning your whole house can be affected by unattractive staining. Summer gives you the opportunity to remove stains before increased rainfall leads to a problem that you cannot fix.

  1. Increased life expectancy

By maintaining your guttering in the summer, you not only ensure that the guttering will be functioning well in the winter, but you will also increase the life of your guttering for a much longer time. Cleaning can significantly help to reduce the risk of cracking, breaking and rusting and a summer day is a much better time to conduct this task than a cold and grey winter day.

  1. Save yourself costly home repairs

Flood and damp damage can be costly and difficult to fix, especially if water starts to affect the foundations of the building. By conducting gutter repairs and cleaning in summer, you can help to protect your home from flooding, damp and mould before the problem months set in.

  1. Get ahead of the game

By actioning gutter cleaning, repairs and maintenance in the summer, you can have peace of mind that your guttering will be sorted before in the increased rainfall in autumn and winter. By leaving repairs until winter, roofing companies will likely be busy with emergency roofing repairs, which means it could take even longer to get your problem sorted, making the situation worse. By planning ahead, you can be sure of a timely repair.

Problem with your guttering?

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