5 steps to fixing a roof leak

Roof leaks can cause big problems for your home, as they result in damp and mould developing. This can cause extensive damage to your ceiling and is also a significant health risk for you or the other occupants of your property. As soon as you spot the signs of a leak, you should take the necessary steps to rectify this straight away so that the problem does not develop any further. Allow us to talk you through how you can identify a leak and repair it as soon as possible.

How to tell if you have a roof leak

There are a few tell-tale signs that there is a leak in your roof, and you should be able to identify these quite easily. These include:

  • A musty or damp smell in a specific room.
  • A water stain or mould on your ceiling or walls.
  • Sounds of water dripping from above.
  • Spots on the outer walls of your home.
  • Bulging wallpaper or paint peeling off interior walls.
  • Missing or damaged shingles on your roof.

Take a look in your loft or attic

If you have spotted one of the signs above, it is worth checking your loft or attic before taking any further action. Going into your attic or loft can allow you to check for any water that is leaking through to the inside. You should also look for water stains or mould along the inside of your roof to identify the source.

Testing your roof for leaks

If this inspection of the inside of your roof fails to provide the answers, you can try carrying out your own test. Use a hose to imitate rain on small sections of your roof at a time. Get someone to help you by waiting inside and letting you know when they notice water beginning to come through. This will help you to close in on the source of the leak. If you are struggling to find the precise spot of the leak, you can remove some of the shingles in this area to pinpoint the exact location.

Carry out your own repairs if possible

Depending on the severity and location of the leak, you may be able to carry out a repair yourself if you have the right equipment. Any edges of your roof that have a leak, such as around chimneys or roof windows can be repaired by replacing the caulk around the flashing. This will fill any gaps that may have developed. Shingles can be removed and replaced if needed by pulling out the nail and re-laying cement to secure them in place.

Call a professional

If you don’t feel confident carrying out the repair yourself or you want to ensure a long-lasting fix, call in a professional roofer to carry out a comprehensive repair. They will be able to identify the source of the leak and will have all the necessary tools to restore your roof to its best possible condition.

If you require roofing specialists to carry out expert repairs, you can rely on our team at Roof Rescue. We are experienced in both repairs and installation, so, no matter the extent of the damage, we will be able to offer our assistance to leave your roof looking its best once again. To speak to our team, contact us today by calling 020 3189 1618 or emailing .

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