How to know if your roof is suffering from sun damage

Your roof is a part of your home that provides protection, day and night, to you, your family and your belongings. It is important to check regularly that it is still of good quality and will perform it’s best against the elements. We have already learnt that wind and rain can potentially damage your roof, but are you aware that it could also suffer from sun damage? With only a few tell-tale warning signs, it is important to know what to look out for.


UV rays cast by sunlight will be naturally attracted to your roof as the highest point of your home. These rays, just as they would with our hair, skin and furniture, leave an effect upon the tiles. You may notice that they experience some discolouration or bleaching, leaving them a noticeably different shade or tone. Now, this isn’t going to cause your roof to leak but you may wish for a professional to repair this in order to keep up the high-quality appearance of your roof. Being the simplest sign to notice, the discolouration could also be a hint that other forms of damage have occurred above your home.

Warped tiles

The heat from within the beams of sunlight can commonly cause your coverings to expand or curl, resulting in a roof consisting of warped roof coverings. By losing their original shape, any tight seals previously formed will be lost, and will therefore expose your roof to other elements, such as the tough and unbroken winds above house level, and create a pathway for further damage to occur. This could happen over a small surface area upon your roof, allowing a simple repair to solve the fault. However, if left for too long in a warm, sunlit climate, the surface area of damaged tiles could increase, resulting in the need of a full roof replacement.

Crumbling tiles

Strong or intense levels of sunlight and heat can cause the materials on your roof to crack and eventually decay, often resulting in them crumbling and deteriorating when hit with a change in weather conditions. If you notice decayed roofing materials on the ground surrounding your property, this will act as a warning sign, signaling that it is time to call a professional out for a repair. If left unmanaged, other damaging weather types, such as rain or wind, could destruct the already broken tiles and lift or tear them further, creating potential for a leak or larger scale of damage which could interfere with the inside of your home.

Regular examinations of your roof are important to ensure you get the maximum life span and for the safety of anyone walking below. If you notice any concerning signs appearing on your roof early enough, it is unlikely that any extreme, underlying damage will have had the chance to occur. However, you will still need to seek assistance from a professional roofer to assess and repair the damage. If left for too long, the chances of major repairs and full replacements will increase, whilst you also risk the ability of additional damage occurring within your home.

If you are concerned about a change you have noticed on your roof, get in contact with our expert team at Roof Rescue where we can arrange a time to visit your property and assess any potential damage, carrying out effective repair work and ensuring that your roof is right as rain once again! Call us on 020 3189 1618 and we will be happy to assist you with any roofing issue.

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