Guttering and why it is important for your home

Guttering can be seen across many rooflines on homes throughout the UK, but why? The facts is, guttering is actually essential and it serves purposes that we may not even be aware of. So, lets delve into the world of guttering and explore the benefits it has for your home. Who knows, it may even prompt you to give yours some (possibly much-needed) TLC!

What is guttering and how does it work?

Take a step outside and look up to the top of your property. Do you see a small (most likely plastic) trough running the length of your roofline? That is your guttering. If you don’t see one, you may wish to have one installed after reading this! Guttering is a factor of the entire roofing system which works to collect rainwater that runs off your roof, leading it to a connected downpipe and into a drainage system.

Why is guttering important?

Guttering can prevent rainwater from pooling at the foundations of your home, protecting any damage occurring to the surrounds of your property, such as erosion of soil or your property itself, and creating way for internal leaks. Without a gutter, falling rainwater could also cause damage to the walls of your property and windowsills, pooling and creating way for damp or mould to grow.

What happens without guttering?

It may be self-explanatory at this point, but let’s run through the impacts on a gutter-less property during times of rainfall. Without a guttering system, your property could become susceptible to flooding and leaks which could lead to a risk of damage occurring to the foundations of your property that will require a professional repair – and fast! It is also possible for damage to the soffits, fascias and external walls of your property to arise, such as mould growth or warping.

Does guttering require maintenance?

If you have a guttering system on your roofline, it would certainly benefit from general maintenance every now and again. From checking its stability and appearance to its performance, you could prevent any of the previously mentioned effects from occurring within your property. Over time, winds could carry items of debris, such as twigs and leaves, onto your roofs surface which then, once it rains, could get carried down and held within your guttering. If left for an elongated period of time, this blockage could cause damage to your guttering in the form of splits and cracks, as well as an overflow of water which could lead to flooding or erosion at the base of your property which would require a repair.

Maintaining the health of your roofline doesn’t have to be your responsibility. It can be unsafe to venture to the top of your property without undertaking the correct health and safety procedures. Our professional Roof Rescue team are on hand for any roofing or guttering enquires. To speak to one of our trained roofing contractors, get in touch today by calling 020 3189 1618 or emailing us at .

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