The most effective ways to keep your gutters clean

Autumn season is the most common time for your gutters to become blocked, with the leaves falling off the trees and other dirt and debris being blown into your gutters by the wind. This can lead to more serious problems for your roof and your home. Keeping your gutters clear will prevent them from overflowing and reduce the chances of the foundations of your home being damaged. You can rest assured your gutters and your home will continue looking their best if you give them a clean every now and again. Find out how to know when to clean your gutters, and the best way of going about it.

How to tell your gutters need cleaning

Keep an eye out for any of the following warning signs, as they are clear indicators that it is time to give your gutters a proper clean:

  • Water overflowing and leaking over the sides of your gutters.
  • Your gutters look like they are being weighed down and are beginning to sag.
  • You notice water or dirt stains on the outside of your house.
  • Plants are growing out of your gutters.
  • Birds or other animals are nesting in them or using them as a habitat.

How to clean your gutters effectively

You should only attempt to clean your gutters if you feel capable of doing so yourself, and with all safety measures in place so that you are not risking injury in the process. Make sure you have a strong and sturdy ladder that can take your weight and offers you somewhere to place all the tools you need when you are at height. This will allow you to work your way around your gutters as quickly and efficiently as possible, making sure you carry out a comprehensive job. The cleaning process involves:

  1. First, position your ladder securely and climb up towards the gutter with an empty bucket and trowel to scoop up as much dirt or debris as possible that can be easily removed. You may also want to wear a pair of rubber gloves so that you can continue to scoop any other excess.
  2. Once debris has been removed, wash out the gutters with a hose or jet washer to displace any dirt or moss that has attached itself to the inside of your gutters. This could be a messy job, so make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and protective eyewear if necessary.
  3. It is likely that hosing will remove most of this debris, but for the toughest grime, it is best to use a brush to make sure this grime is properly removed and washed away.
  4. Once the gutters themselves are clear, you will want to make sure there is no obstruction within the pipes. One way of attempting to clear this would be to point the hose directly down the drain to dislodge anything stuck. You can also use a metal rod or other long object to clear each pipe.

We recommend cleaning your gutters around twice a year, at the end of Spring and in Autumn. If you notice signs of a blockage, you should attempt to remove it as soon as possible. If your gutters require professional repair or restoration, our team at Roof Rescue can help. We can arrange to look over your gutters and use our specialist equipment to carry out replacements or repairs. Call 020 3189 1618 or email to discuss your requirements with our team.

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