How can you keep your flat roof clean?

A flat roof can often be more difficult than a pitched roof to maintain and keep in good condition, due to the fact that standing water, moss, and algae can build up more easily on these roofing systems. There are some methods of cleaning that are more effective than others to remove any debris and restore the appearance of your flat roof. Pressure washing and using special cleaning solutions are our most highly recommended methods of keeping your roof in its best condition. We suggest cleaning your flat roof on a regular basis will help avoid any build-up of debris and damage to the surface. Allow us to provide further detail on how to maintain your flat roof.

Most effective ways to keep your flat roof clean

Many materials, including EPDM roofs, are durable and do not require much maintenance, but we can advise on the most effective methods so that you can keep your roof looking its best:

Regular checks

Inspecting your roof every 1-2 years will help to maintain its condition and prevent any repairs being required. This is because you can identify any damage or potential problems and repair them before they develop into something more severe.

Pressure washing

Using a pressure washer requires minimal effort but is a highly effective way of cleaning your flat roof. It can effectively clear any moss or algae that has grown on the surface, or easily wash away dirt that has built up over time. Because no chemicals are involved in this cleaning process, it is the most environmentally friendly way to carry out roof maintenance. However, it may not be as effective at preventing moss from growing back quickly.

Chemical cleaning treatments

If you feel a pressure washer won’t go far enough at keeping moss and algae at bay, you may want to consider using stronger chemical treatments to remove this debris, whilst also not risking causing any damage to the surface.

Chlorine solution is a straightforward and efficient way of removing moss, working a lot more quickly than a traditional pressure washer. However, this chlorine-based treatment is harmful to you, so you should take extra care and wear protective equipment.

Sodium hydroxide is an alternative chemical often used for roof cleaning, which is effective against particularly stubborn areas of moss. This should only be used in moderation as excessive amounts could cause significant damage to roof materials.

Gutter cleaning

Equally as important as roof cleaning, gutter cleaning around the edge of your roof allows rainwater to drain properly and prevent the build up of debris next to your roof. Simple tools such as a cleaning brush or pressure washer will be effective here to keep your gutters clear of any blockage.

If you notice any problems with your flat roofing systems, our expert team at Roof Rescue are here to help. We are a specialist roof company who can help with any pitched or flat roof repairs and maintenance. We can also provide our expertise if you are considering a new roof, advising you on the type of roofing best suited for your property.

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