Should lead roofing be replaced?

Lead roofing remains top of the pick for large statement or long-standing historical buildings throughout the UK but, as with all other roofing types, uncontrollable elements may disrupt the durability of the lead over time. Does lead roofing require repair or replacement services to keep its working performance at its optimum, and if so, how often?

What is lead roofing?

For the last few hundred years, lead roofing has stood tall within the industry, creating a secure topping for long-standing historical buildings, churches or large-scale commercial constructions. It is widely used throughout the UK due to its extremely durable, reliable and waterproof material, allowing it to remain undamaged throughout years of weathering elements.

How long can lead roofing last?

Lead is heavily opted for when deciding on the roofing material for listed or treasured buildings due to its sturdy and long-standing performance. A lead roof can often outlive the lifespan of the buildings it protects, frequently exceeding 200 years with minimal drop in its performance and durability.

However, the following factors may limit this lifespan:

  • Lead roofing on taller buildings, or those in a location close to the seafront or large open air will be expected to withstand stronger weathering conditions, from wind and rain and possible spells of lightning.
  • Poor fixture or incorrect laying of lead roofing could lead to a pathway of the early decline of the sturdy material, calling for expert assistance years earlier than expected.

Repair or replace?

As a general declaration, it is highly unlikely that a lead roof will require a full replacement, no matter its condition. By carrying out regular spot-checks on the roofing and its surrounds, you will be able to identify any problematic areas or changes in quality which can be solved by the assistance of a roofing professional’s repair work. This can include:

  • The laying and expert welding of a new lead sheet over any problematic areas, such as cracking or splitting.
  • The re-laying and securing of new fabricated roll-ends to remove the effects of those which were previously damaged or installed incorrectly.
  • The assessment and repair of any damage caused by thermal or linear movement upon the initial installation of the lead roofing, protecting it further and elongating its lifespan.

Here at Roof Rescue, we can provide your property with expert lead fixtures, such as cladding, capping and welding, as well as the expert instalment of lead roofing. To speak with a member of our team to find out more about the benefits lead roofing could have for your property or for professional assistance and advice on the condition of yours, get in touch today by calling us on 020 3189 1618 or emailing us at .

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