New year, new roof? A guide to replacements

When it comes to your home, the roof is often underestimated. With the ability to keep you warm, safe and dry, it is time to repay yours with the TLC it deserves this year, and depending on how much time has passed since you assessed the condition of yours, could a replacement be on the cards?

There are eight main tell-tale signs that signify that your roof may be in need of a fresh start, such as:

  1. Daylight creeping into your loft space
  2. The tiles have become warped or lifted, or are missing entirely
  3. Your ceiling has the tendency to leak from damage upon your roof
  4. The roof structure has started to sag or droop
  5. Extensive mould or fungi growth either on top of your roof, or upon the ceiling of your loft space
  6. Water damage and chipped or peeling paint on the walls and ceilings in your loft space
  7. The age of your roof. If over 20 years old, a fresh start may be required for the safety of your home
  8. Damaged flashing surrounding your chimney stack

Often, roofs naturally reach the end of their lifespan through no one’s fault and it can reach a point where repair work simply won’t cut it anymore. Therefore, to keep your home and family safe, warm and dry for the next couple of decades, a roof replacement could be your only choice from here on out.

Spring is often a popular time for roofing replacements, with calm weather posing no threats to your home or the replacement process itself, so examining your roof as soon as the new year has been welcomed in could allow you the time to get a professional replacement booked, allowing the way for no roofing worries to hang over your head (quite literally!) for the remainder of the year.

Here at Roof Rescue, our team of professionals withhold the knowledge, skillset and expertise to quickly and effectively assess, repair or replace your roof. To get in touch with a member of our team to arrange for a visit to your property, or simply to run through any roofing questions and queries you may have, from upkeep to cleaning, call us on 020 3189 1618.

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