Should you replace your roof as part of your loft conversion?

Although many loft extensions will fit into the existing space within your home and require no change to your roof shape, there are still several reasons for why it may be beneficial for you to consider replacing your original roof tiles at the same time.

Increase your kerb appeal

Old, discoloured and occasionally warped roof tiles can be displeasing to the eye. With a whole new level being created within the top section of your home, the opportunity to re-lay fresh tiles will create an aesthetically pleasing, clean feel, tying the new look of your home together and increasing your kerb appeal.

Damage prevention

Once your conversion is completed, water damage will become your worst nightmare. Old roof tiles can become fragile and easily damaged. If they wear away, the possibility of water seeping through will increase. As your home will now cover the entire space of your loft, increased and excessive water damage may be able to find its way into your living space, spoiling your freshly decorated conversion and resulting in costly repair work. Replacing your roof during the conversion process will ensure that your home is finished with immaculately laid tiles, preventing the allowance of any water damage.

Increased insulation

Replacing your roof with your loft conversion will allow you the opportunity to select and lay tiles with increased insulation properties, maximising the levels of energy efficiency in your home and saving you money on your heating bills.

Combination for convenience

When doing work on the top part of your home, many builders or homeowners choose the helpful options which cause less disruption within the household, often resulting in the decision of dismissing the replacement of your roof. However, for the best results, this factor is sometimes unavoidable. Besides, completing your conversion and then deciding on roof tile replacements on a later date will call for two separate occasions where scaffolding is needed. By combining the two transformations around the same time, you are able to complete both jobs within a timeframe which will also save you further costs and disruption in the long run.

If you are planning a loft conversion which could require the replacement of roof tiles, or are seeking a repair or replacement even though no other work is being carried out throughout the building, give our friendly team at Roof Rescue a call on 020 3189 1618 where we will be happy to arrange an appointment and assist you with your roofing requirements.

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