The seasonal risks for your roof: Autumn

With autumn creeping up on us, the change of nature’s colouring and the vibrant atmosphere can be enough to distract us from setting aside some time for those vital checks on our homes, especially our roofs or gutters. To best ensure that you are aware of the health of yours, we have set out a few small and simple tasks to take a note of.

As autumn arrives, it would be beneficial for you to observe the condition of your roof, whether it be your home, your garage or your shed. By allowing yourself to become aware of its state of health, you will be able to accurately judge if any deterioration occurs throughout the seasonal change. Autumn can act as a warning period for many property owners, as a caution to the cold and hasher months of winter that shall shortly approach us that have the capability to cause or add to any existing roofing damages.

Once having observed the condition of your roof, if you spotted any of the following issues, it would be beneficial for you to get them repaired or replaced by the time the colder and wetter weather arrives in full force.

  • Crumbled tiles
  • Cracked flashing or tiles
  • Lifted tiles

The damage could be fresh and due to the pickup in wind force and sudden temperature drop bought over by the autumn season or could have been caused throughout the warmer months due to high levels of sun damage and exposure. If you manage to catch the fault early enough, the damage may remain localised, resulting in a cheaper and faster repair service.

If you are unable to book for a specialist to assess, repair or replace your roof, you should keep an eye on the problematic and vulnerable areas. With the warmer weather passing, damage to your roof could lead into your loft or attic space, letting in cold air or even moisture from rainfall, causing further problems to occur within the inside of your home. These issues could lead to damage to the woodwork or plastering and your health may even have an impact if a growth of mould or mildew were to occur.

Whilst inspecting your roof, take some attention over to the guttering on your property. Along with the autumnal seasons come the falling of those crisp, orange leaves. If they work their way into your gutter or drain pipe, over time they could result in a blockage which leads to additional issues, such as flooding on the ground below which can affect the foundations of your property, or damage to the facias.

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof and would like for a member of our specialist team to examine any potential damage, or if you have any queries about how you can protect your roof from the autumnal weather, contact us at Roof Rescue by calling 020 3189 1618.

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