What is the age of your roof? [A guide]

Each month, we spend our time sharing handy tips and tricks to help you maintain your roofing, preventing unwanted damage and costly repairs from occurring, but one factor which could limit the effect of the efforts you go to is the age of your roofing itself. Whilst we spend so much time implementing actions that could prolong its lifespan, these efforts may go unnoticed if yours is reaching its final years – but how can you calculate its age?

If you had a new roof installed whilst living at the property, you may already have this information, but what happens if you bought the property with records that aren’t reliable, or if the last homeowners didn’t fit the roof? In this case, there are a handful of reliable options which you could carry out to find the age of yours.

What is the average lifespan of roofing?

Depending on the materials used for your roofing, the lifespan may alter. For the most common roofs found above properties throughout the country, such as clay tiles or asphalt shingles, you should expect a healthy lifespan of around 20-25 years. Metal and concrete roofing can be found to reach up to 40 years before requiring a replacement, but this timescale would depend on the materials used, the installation process and thorough aftercare.

So, how can you find out the age of the roof above your home? Let’s explore your options…

Contact the previous owners

If you were sold the house, contacting the previous owners shouldn’t be a challenging task. You may have remained in contact with the previous owner, but if not your solicitor who completed the property transaction for you may be able to help you reach out to them and politely ask for information.

The exact date won’t be necessary so long as the year is noted. Whilst many homeowners may feel as though this act of contact may be inappropriate or uncomfortable, allow us to assure you that conversations like these arise throughout many homeowners all year round without any issue or judgement. However, there are two further options that you could carry out if you would feel more comfortable.

Locate your building permit

When carrying out the sizable job of replacing or installing a brand-new roof, a building permit is likely to be required. This permit can be available to members of the public, such as yourself, upon request to building control who keep records for a minimum of 15 years. From this, you can retrieve information on the date the installation began, as well as completion, and the name of the roofing company who carried out the project. If you are unable to locate the permit of your property’s roofing installation, there is a final option that you can depend on.

Arrange for a professional assessment

Locating and retrieving documents or contacts with information on your property’s roofing may not be a simple task for every homeowner, but luckily, most professional roofing contractors are able to share their expertise in this department. By use of examination, these specialists will take on board factors such as the materials laid, the way in which they have been installed upon your property, its current condition and any damage it may have encountered over the years to calculate an estimated age, allowing you to accurately plan for replacement in the coming years – if required!

Here at Roof Rescue, our team of specialists are on hand to aid you with a wide range of roofing necessities, from repairs and replacements to lead work and emergency call outs. For expert advice into the lifespan of your roofing and its current age, pick up the phone today. Give us a call on  020 3189 1618 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

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