How to protect your roof from winter weather [a guide]

How to protect your roof from winter weather [a guide]

Now that we are approaching the festive season once again, many of us might be hoping for a white Christmas. With temperatures dropping and the cold weather beginning to kick in, you may be concerned by the effect these more extreme conditions can have on your roof. Intense wind and rain can begin to have a negative impact on your roof tiles and flashing, so it is important that you take the right steps to prepare your roof for this poor weather and protect it from suffering damage. Allow us to provide some suggestions.

Regular roof inspections

We recommend carrying out regular roof inspections regardless of the time of year, but it is particularly important before the cold weather takes hold. This will allow you to identify any damage to roof tiles, or potential leaks that have the potential to get worse as winter progresses. You can have these repairs carried out early before they get worse. It is important to continue these checks throughout the winter season so that you can make sure your roof is still in its best condition and there is no danger of damage being caused to your home.

Check the chimney

Due to the way your chimney rises up above the rest of your roof, it can be much more susceptible to the wind and rain. If you have an old brick chimney as part of your roof, you should keep an eye on its structure and have a professional check it over to make sure it is still structurally solid. An unstable chimney can cause significant damage to the rest of your roof, so it is important that it is safe and secure.

Clean gutters

One of the main impacts of the winter season is dirt and debris becoming stuck in the gutters of your roof. The windy conditions can cause a build-up of leaves and create the ideal conditions for moss to grow. This can create the perfect habitat for all types of animals or cause water to build up in your gutters. To avoid this causing damage to your roof and the rest of your home, it is important to keep your gutters clean.

Watch for overhanging trees

Another risk to your roof is any overhanging trees nearby. Branches that are close by to your roof can be of concern, as there is a possibility that strong winds will cause them to collide with your roof and cause significant damage. They also provide a route for squirrels and other animals to access your roof and make themselves at home. You should cut back any overhanging branches if possible to reduce the risk of damage occurring.

It is worth carrying out a few of these straightforward checks before winter fully takes hold, as they can be a lot more difficult to resolve in colder, windier conditions. If you want to arrange roof repairs or maintenance with an experienced team of experts, contact us at Roof Rescue. We can ensure your roof is in its best condition for the upcoming winter. To get booked in with us or to discuss your requirements, give us a call on 020 3189 1618 or email and we will be happy to help.

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