Guttering: why it is crucial for your home

Most of us don’t think about the gutters in our homes unless there is a problem. Which is usually while it’s pouring with rain outside! By the time the rain storm is over, we have often forgotten about them again. It’s easy to forget, or not appreciate, just how important guttering is for our homes though until that problem grows and ends up costing us a lot of money to put right. Before the winter season truly sets in, we take a look at how guttering keeps our home safe and what quick maintenance checks we can do regularly to keep on top of any problems before they escalate. (more…)


Is my flat roof covered by my home insurance?

With lots of home extensions over the years and many more homeowners considering them as an alternative to buying a new property and moving home, flat roofs are being seen more and more in homes around the country. This often leads to the question from many of our clients around whether or not a new flat roof will be covered by their insurance, as there is some conflicting advice out there. To help put things into context and dispel some of those myths, this month’s article focuses on insuring a flat roof. (more…)

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