Can the hot weather damage my roof?

Enjoying the sunshine and warm weather – or should that be heatwave – this year? If you’re anything like us, you’ve loved it for a while but now you are happy that it has cooled down a little. Your roof may be feeling the effects of the hot summer too and could be hoping for a little relief. Which is why we thought we would put together a short guide on how the summer sun can affect it and what you can do to manage that this month. Read on for all the details…

Sun damage

It’s not just us and our skin that can suffer sun damage. Your roof can as well. For those lucky enough to have a west- or south-facing roof, which we are always thankful for in the depths of winter, this may be the time to keep a closer eye on it. Unless you have some good tree shading, your roof will be exposed to the sun for many hours each day. The heat and sun can lead to cracked shingles, melting tar, and even the drying out of tar holding the tiles together; this is your last line of defence against rain and leaks.

How to prevent damage: Ensure there is good ventilation to your roof to avoid it drying out and keep a close eye on shingles and tiles to check for cracks.


While we have been lucky for large parts of this summer which have seen a dry heat, our climate is quite humid and we don’t go for too long without a lot of moisture in the air. If you are using air conditioning or cooling fans to keep the temperature down indoors, this could lead to a temperature difference with the outdoors. When that happens, condensation occurs and, left unchecked, it could lead to water damage or leaks.

How to prevent damage: Check that your roofing materials are waterproofed and maintain good ventilation in your home at least once a day to air it out.


Inevitably, with intense heat and humidity come the thunderstorms. It seems we get a weather warning on a daily basis lately of impending storms and we haven’t escaped the odd downpour. With the sun drying things out and causing cracks, there is now a way for the rain to get in through your roof. It may only be a small weak spot and it may only be a little water, but if it’s not dealt with it could lead to more serious problems over time.

How to prevent damage: Keep an eye on your roof for sun damage and deal with any cracks as soon as you spot them.

At the end of the summer it may also be a good idea to get a professional to check your roof for any signs of weakness that may have developed but not yet become fully apparent. Summer storms are one things, autumn ones are quite another!

For advice on keeping your roof safe during the summer heat or for a check or repair, talk to us at Roof Rescue. All you need to do is give us a call on 020 3189 1618 for an informal chat or to make an appointment.

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