Now’s the time to get your roof ready for winter

With the cooler mornings and the days beginning to shorten noticeably, it’s inevitable that winter is around the corner. While the weather is still good and the autumn rains haven’t kicked in yet now is the time to make sure that your roof is ready for whatever this year’s winter is ready to throw at it.

There are a few things you can do to check and prepare your roof:

Check for leaks, cracks, and unsealed surfaces
A quick inspection of your ceiling is place to start. Look for any spots of moisture on your ceiling and walls which will tell you that there is water coming in from somewhere. Penetrating rain water will normally attach itself to the roof structure and run to the lowest points of the roof, so make sure you pay attention to the perimeter of the rooms which are formed with external property walls. If you notice any damp patches then it will be worth checking the loft space (if there is one), to give you a better idea of where the leak is penetrating. This time look out for signs of daylight and pay more attention to abutments.  If you have a good view of your roof coverings from the outside, then once you have an idea of where the water is penetrating you can try to match it with anything that looks out of the ordinary from the outside. Please DO NOT climb any ladders or take any chances, leave it to the professionals. Things to look out for would include; the lead flashings to make sure that they are fixed securely and well-sealed, check for any loose tiles, vents or even cracks in cement work as this perishes over time. If you can take pictures then this may be easier to send to your chosen roofer so they can get a good idea of what they’re up against.

If you find a leak, fix it now
If you find any evidence of water or any cracks and unsealed surfaces you should get those fixed as soon as possible. Once water finds its way in things will only get worse, especially when the autumn rains start and the winter frosts set in. Moisture can lead to serious water damage, moulding of insulation material and walls, while cold temperatures will freeze any water causing it to expand and increasing the size of any cracks and openings that are already there. You may be tempted to make some simple repairs yourself, but it’s always worth hiring a professional for the more complicated repairs; they are not only trained to do the job quickly and effectively, but have all the tools to do it safely as well.

Check your gutters
Gutters can clog up quickly and easily, especially with the first strong winds of autumn. Leaves, branches, and rubbish find their way into your gutters causing them to block and back up which in turn does not allow water to flow freely to ground. Clear away any leaves and debris from gutters and pay particular attention to the outlets that are connected to the downpipes which diverts the water to the ground. I would recommend having a wire balloon installed to the outlet which stops larger debris blocking up the downpipes –  simple but effective. Gutters should be maintained yearly and even sooner if you are in an area with high trees.

If you notice white streaks on the underneath of the guttering, particularly looking at the joints and corners, then this means they are leaking and should be renewed. You can get certain parts renewed if you are on a budget but from my experience, new components will not always fix correctly to old components as old components will expand over time, especially uPVC.

When to call in the professionals
While there may be some simple things that you can do to make sure your roof and guttering are in working order, it is worth getting a professional inspection immediately if you have any issues, or once every year just to check things over. The professionals should also be your first port of call for any larger or more complicated jobs, please DO NOT take any chances yourself!
At Roof Rescue we have the skills and experience to check, repair, and install new roofs. If you have any questions or need any help with checking and preparing your roof for winter, just give us a call on 020 3189 1618, we’re always happy to help.

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