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How to know if your roof is suffering from sun damage

Your roof is a part of your home that provides protection, day and night, to you, your family and your belongings. It is important to check regularly that it is still of good quality and will perform it’s best against the elements. We have already learnt that wind and rain can potentially damage your roof, but are you aware that it could also suffer from sun damage? With only a few tell-tale warning signs, it is important to know what to look out for. (more…)

Clean roof

Why you should keep your roof clean

When it comes to your roof, cleaning it isn’t always at the front of your mind. However, by giving it a general once-over each year, you will either be able to rest assured that there are no problems occurring up there or jump onto ones that are – of course alerting a professional if needed. Your homes kerb appeal could also skyrocket with that much-wanted algae free roof. Here are some reasons as to why keeping your roof clean is important for your home in the long run. (more…)

How to protect your gutters from leaves

If you don’t want your gutters to leak, you need to protect them from leaves. Leaves have an uncanny knack of finding their way onto your roof, where they happily lodge in your gutters. Before you know it, your gutters are blocked, putting your home at serious risk of drainage problems and water damage.


What makes a good flat roof?

Flat roofs have been making a comeback in recent years, thanks to design innovations that offer extended life-spans, ease of maintenance and resistance to the often unpredictable British weather. In the past, flat roofs were often regarded as poor alternatives to traditional sloping roofs. These days, flat roofs are back in style and are a favourite of leading designers and architects.


Roof tiles

How long will my roof tiles last?

How long will your roof tiles last? It’s an important question. If you are buying a new home, a new–old home, or building one yourself, the roof is one of the key things to check and know the condition of. You may be replacing part or all of your existing roof and the decisions you make on materials can be important in determining what its life expectancy will be. This month we delve into roofing materials to help you decide what is best for you and your home. (more…)

Lead Roof Flashing

What is roof flashing?

Have you heard the term ‘roof flashing’ and not been sure what it means exactly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Unless you have had a problem with it you may not have come across it and you’re certainly not alone in that – it’s a question that we hear from time to time from clients. To help, we have put together a comprehensive guide on what it is and why you need it. (more…)

Porch roofs: what are the options and what needs to be considered?

When you think about roofs, one for your porch may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But bear with us, there’s logic to this… Whether it is a front or back porch, an entryway porch or a comfortable semi-outdoor space for you and your family, a porch can be both an aesthetic part of your home as well as a functional space. Installing a porch cover could mean that you make so much more use of it than you otherwise would. (more…)


Can a roofing company fix my chimney?

If you have a fireplace, and therefore a chimney, in your home there will come a time when some small repairs may be necessary. If you have recently bought an older property or would like to bring in an old fireplace into use again, it may be that the chimney needs a little restoration work to get things working properly again. A question that we are regularly asked is whether as a roofing company we do restorations. The simple answer is yes! (more…)


When should you replace your roof?

It is a question we get every so often, and typically when there is a problem. It usually comes with a grimace as homeowners realise they have to fork out lots of money to fix something that if caught earlier could have been easier and cheaper to fix or they could have been more prepared. So this month we decided to take a look at the top things to look out for when it comes to roof problems so that you are not caught unaware. What are the warning signs that tell you your roof may need to be replaced? (more…)


Checking your roof after the snow fall

The ‘Beast from the East’ made its presence felt for quite a few days last month, one of the worst cold spells in the UK for a number of years. It led to widespread transport problems and resulted in the closure of most schools around the country. It also had most of us out playing in the snow. But for some it may have led to roof problems which may not manifest themselves for a while to come and which could result in costly repairs. This month we take a quick look at how to avoid them and what you can do to prevent them now and in the future. (more…)

Can you install solar panels on your roof?

Can you install solar panels on your roof?

With the increasing cost of electricity and the falling cost of solar panels, more and more people are considering installing them. The payback period has dropped significantly and there are still significant savings to be made in the medium to long term on electricity bills. There are a few fundamental things that you need to consider about your roof though before determining whether or not you can install solar panels, including: (more…)

Flat vs pitched roofs – what to choose?

Flat vs pitched roofs – what to choose?

When building or renovating, whether it’s your home, a garage, or an extension, you will have to make a decision fairly early on about what type of roof you want to include in your design. There are two main types of roofs: flat roofs and pitched roofs. Both have benefits and disadvantages and to help you decide we have put together an easy-to-use guide on what those are:

How to pest-proof your home

While it is great to see wildlife in your garden and in local parks, when animals find their way into your home and make it their home too it can be a different story altogether. Many animals will seek out a warm home in which to build their nests, but this can cause significant damage to your house in a number of ways. (more…)

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